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Do you have or know a student in need of tutoring? Do you constantly see dropping grades in their subject in school? We are the solution! We offer a unique tutoring experience at the convenience of your home! See how we tutor:

  • Online video conferencing, equipped with screen-sharing and audio capabilities

  • World-class tutors, highly qualified in specific subject knowledge

  • Flexible scheduling options

  • Proven success in grade improvements (individual results may vary)

  • Designed specifically for homework help and test preparation; no curriculums by us are used as we want to supplement the in-school curriculum and perform in unison with the student’s teacher

  • Start giving your student the advantage to compete in this constantly changing and competitive marketplace. Contact us to schedule an appointment or learn more!

“To find the right tutor for your child is quite difficult. The Education Foundation sent a tutor who is the right one for my son! He relates well to my 14-year-old by creating a fun and supportive environment where they work as a team to review and reinforce skills. We have seen a big improvement in our my son’s academic progress since he started with The Education Foundation.”

“I’ve had a tutor for my son and daughter from The Education Foundation for over six years! I am very pleased by the results of the tutor has delivered for our students in Fox Chapel School District. There is nowhere else I would look for tutors; they have tutors for every subject and need! My son successfully passed the standardized testing to be accepted into accelerated mathematics this year, and I attribute his success to The Education Foundation! I would highly recommend this non-profit organization for any tutoring needs.”

“A quick note to applaud Ryan’s most recent efforts on our in-class math test covering congruent triangles, similarity, medians, perpendicular bisectors and altitudes (B+)! Ryan continues to work hard and prepare well for class. Great job! It is clear your work outside of class on your own and with your tutor [from The Education Foundation] is helping you tremendously. Keep working hard!”

Click on the table below to see a larger version of the impact your money will make in terms of quantity of students and hours to be served based on the donation amount you generously give!