Policy & Procedures

How Does the Scholarship Process Work?

Application, Award, and Disbursement of Scholarships:

The most recent version of the scholarship application is maintained on the website. The student must have a 2.5 or above grade point average (GPA). Official transcript must be submitted as well as the six (6) pages in the application packet. The maximum scholarship request is $1,500.00. Only one (1) relative is permitted on the “References” form. The Foundation will consider an application for scholarship only when all required forms are submitted completely.  The Foundation will submit to the Scholarship Committee all complete and sufficient applications, together with a report on funds available for scholarships, on the 15th and the last day of each month, for Committee review.

The Scholarship Committee will then review the applications and make their determination to grant or not grant a scholarship in a particular amount, on the merits of each application and the availability of funding, within five business days of the Committee’s receipt of the package.

Once the applications have been reviewed by the Scholarship Committee, the Foundation, within five business days, will issue: notification to each student who made an application as to whether they have been granted, denied or pending a scholarship; for granted scholarships, a check made payable to both the student and the student’s institution with the check being sent to the institution; and in the case of a named scholarship, a letter to the donor about the scholarships made in their name.

Any scholarship check remaining uncashed within 90 days of drafting or returned by the student/institution, will be considered forfeited by the student, and the funds with be available for other opportunities.  The Foundation will have no other obligation to that student, unless that student decides to reapply.

General Criteria for Approval of a Scholarship Application:

The primary criteria, as defined in the Foundation’s bylaws, are that scholarships be awarded on the basis of academic merit and/or financial need.  Exact scholarship criteria can be found in the Foundation’s scholarship application and may be modified from time to time by the Foundation.  Some scholarships, such as named or memorial scholarships, may have more restrictive criteria.  The Foundation reserves the right to reject incomplete student applications.


The Education Foundation requires that all students comply with the terms of the award offered at the time of their acceptance of the scholarship.