TEDxPittsburgh Sponsor

For Immediate Release

April 17, 2017

Brilliant ideas can come from anywhere. They grow out of tech startups, universities, corner offices, and conference rooms. But these ideas also come from daydreams. From the heart. From a house down the street and the corner coffee shop.

Regardless of where they originate, great ideas bring awareness and provide clarity that help us to see and feel in new ways. This year, The Education Foundation is proud to sponsor TEDxPittsburgh to celebrate ideas that eradicate pretense, search for truth, and reach for something greater. To that end, TEDxPittsburgh’s theme for 2017 is Awakening: Ideas on the rise, where we celebrate the incredible ideas that continue to rise up from every corner of the Pittsburgh region.

“We’re thrilled to have The Education Foundation involved with TEDxPittsburgh 2017. Supporting new ideas on education practices and providing unique educational opportunities is something that both the The Education Foundation and TEDxPittsburgh hold in high regard, which makes them an ideal partner,” Chris Daley, Organizer of TEDxPittsburgh.

The Education Foundation agrees with TEDxPittsburgh and feels that when an idea is brought to light, it creates an energy that we can all grasp. As that energy expands, we all rise to a greater level of understanding. The better that we understand ourselves and one another, the more good that we can do in the Pittsburgh region and beyond. Our worldview grows with the idea, and we rise to a higher plane of thought. 

With 2016 in the rear view, TEDxPittsburgh looks to inspiring people in and around Pittsburgh to lift our great city to new heights in 2017. Together, we will reach higher and elevate our consciousness, and we will do it together!

Mark your calendars for Sunday, June 4, 2017, and prepare to visit The Byham Theater for a powerful event titled “Awakening: Ideas on the Rise”!