EIC-Helping Students Find Trade Careers

For Immediate Release

April 27, 2017

The “Intro to Construction Trades” training program facilitates career exploration through a combination of hands-on activities, virtual reality, individual counseling, and visits to training sites. Upon completion, participants will have the option of taking the next step of applying for an apprenticeship. Throughout this process, students will be mentored to help them build job skills, prepare them for apprentice exams which includes construction math, and gain the soft skills needed for competitive union positions.

Student W. Keith Smith explains, “The training program prepared me, boosted my confidence, gave me insights on what’s to come and opened my eyes. I passed the apprentice exam for the Operating Engineers and was accepted into the apprenticeship before I completed the program.”

It is with great pride that The Education Foundation takes part in this career-in-the-trades journey by sponsoring three low-income, needy students to complete the program. This program matches The Education Foundation’s mission to provide direct services, especially to students who are interested in pursing a career in the trades.

“The Energy Innovation Center Institute is pleased to partner with The Education Foundation for scholastic support of our Introduction to Construction/Trades and other training programs. Our target audience are residents of Pittsburgh and surrounding communities who are underemployed and unemployed. Many underemployed residents are just above the poverty line and thereby do not qualify for financial support. Some of the unemployed may not qualify for state funds due to various reasons out of their control such as low funding sources. The Education Foundation scholarship support changes lives and closes the gap. Changed lives create a ripple effect for families and the community,” according to Chaquita Barnett, Program Director at Energy Center of Innovation.

A 6-week program, full-time costs $3,902.00, and a GED is required. While scholarships are available, it takes generous sponsors such as The Education Foundation to help keep Energy Innovation Center sustainable and to reach as many students as possible.

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