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We undertake The Education Foundation’s “Sponsor A Student program at a point in time when students are being challenged to recreate themselves, and we welcome the opportunity for a program that aims to do more than just tutor. We have a brilliant upper hand to understand the methodology and thoughts that our students face to explore math specifically, as well as other subjects in the future. “Sponsor A Student” calls upon us to articulate and affirm the fundamental values and purposes of education in the rapidly changing environment of a global and digital world.

Dedicated to understanding our students more on an intellectual level, we have found that not only tutoring is needed to advance education. That is why we have created other programming to make supplemental connections to our “Sponsor A Student” program. “Scholar Dollars” is a program designed to do two things: 1. Provide an incentive for students to begin to develop solid study habits, 2. Subsidize tuition costs for students pursuing education at either a nonpublic school and/or college (dependent on eligibility requirements).

The Education Foundation is proud to work hard to provide research, direct services, and offer scholarships to advance education. Since our inception, we have impacted over 7,500 students across the country. We must continue to be a leader in shaping not only the future of education and ideas but also the ways in which they can make the most powerful and positive impact in the world. What commitments must we make now to meet this future and uphold these values in the years ahead?

  • We must attract and support the most talented tutors, staff, and executives, and provide them with the resources to do their best work. We must obtain and maintain a remarkable community of tutors and students, who are the heart and the engine of all we aspire to be and to do.
  • We must pioneer new approaches to learning and teaching that build on the transformative potential of a technological age, as well as emerging insights into human behavior and the human brain.
  • We must be unsurpassed in our reach and impact, as well as in the integration of our remote abilities in our research and teaching.
  • We must create an organization for the decades to come, the environment to fulfill our ambitions and goals. We must continue to embody the intellectual and programmatic vision of The Education Foundation.

Knowledge has never been more important to the future of individuals and societies. The world’s challenges have never been more pressing, more complex, or more shared. There has never been a greater need for The Education Foundation to educate and support students. We are unique in our commitment to long term, to uniting the wisdom of the past with the urgency of the present and the promise of the future. Our contributions have never mattered more. We are committed to mobilizing The Education Foundation’s intellectual, human, and financial resources to fully realize that promise. We invite you to join The Education Foundation community, and GET INVOLVED!

Andrew Weckman
Acting President of The Education Foundation