Our Culture

At The Education Foundation, we’re all here for the same reason—to advance education. Our commitment to students and education began in 1999 with the founding principles to guide the organization’s conduct for operating ethically, respectfully, fairly, and competitively. From tutoring to scholarships, each of us contributes in our own way.

Why Join The Education Foundation?

The Education Foundation, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, is an integrated education non-profit organization that provides services in tutoring and scholarships. We offer tutoring services remotely, and provide a means for donors/sponsors to help fund students to have access to tutoring services who couldn’t otherwise.

The Education Foundation is committed to creating rewarding work environments. As an employee, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Work from home/school/office remotely (unless directed otherwise)
  • Receive competitive wages and salary commensurate with experience
  • Focus on career growth and employee development that will establish not just a job, but a career.

Our Commitment to Excellence

For more than a decade, The Education Foundation has been synonymous with dream, reach, and achieve. From the beginning, our success has been founded on our supporters and students. Today, we are more committed than ever to creating work environments that reward talent and serve the well-being of our stakeholders.

Diversity and Inclusion

The Education Foundation is committed to attracting, developing, and retaining a workforce of talented, diverse people – all working together in an environment where employees can excel and contribute to high- performance results for our company, angels, students, and sponsors. We believe that to compete in today’s world, diversity and inclusion must be demonstrated in our company’s practices and programs and through the tangible actions of our employees at all levels of the organization.

When we respect and value our differences and engage our employees around common goals, we create an environment that encourages employees to reach their fullest potential and contribute their best work.

Diversity is the “mix” of our different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. It focuses on our differences. Inclusion is making the mix work to connect, communicate, and collaborate – all for the purpose of contributing to the success of our students, organization, and individual employees.

Career Pathways


At The Education Foundation, employees who are part of our executive staff work in a face-paced, office and in the field settings. Here, our employees are held at the highest standards as they lead the organization at the top, with a grand vision and bird’s eye-view, to continually and successfully accomplish our goal and reach our mission. Many of our executives have been hired internally, however, external candidates have found themselves a part of the team.

Professional Staff

The employees in our professional staff are an integral part of our organization. These team members are the front-line to interacting with our stakeholders (i.e. students, parents, donors, angels, etc.). The professional staff works under the guidance of the C-Level team members. The professional staff also acts as a liaison between our stakeholders and the C-Level team. Involved with scheduling, call, emails, marketing, and much more, the members of the professional staff have a very active and rewarding work environment.


If our professional staff is the heart of the organization, our tutors are it’s blood. We cannot operate without our awesome tutors working hard remotely to deliver academic assistance and guidance to a wide-range of students with various ages and grades. All of our tutors have demonstrated their ability to deliver tutoring results, work well with students, and their specific material knowledge. Our tutors work tirelessly to make sure the students have successfully gained more knowledge and confidence than when they started with us.

Background Check

The Education Foundation requires all of our employees (including our tutors) to successfully complete a background check, especially those engaging with students and/or minors under 18 years of age. Please check here to visit the applicant portal for more information. The background check will cover the following:

  1. Social Security Number Trace
  2. National Sex Offender Search
  3. Global Watchlist
  4. National Criminal Database
  5. 7-Year County Criminal Search (Unlimited Counties)
  6. Education Verification

There is a fee of $45.00 that the applicant will have to pay in order to run these required checks.

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